Brian McFie is on Fire

The year started off with Brian and the band playing in front of 8,000 fans at the Hydro in Glasgow. He has also started a new band that has been playing to rave reviews. Lola in Slacks, features Lou Reid on vocals, Brian McFie on guitar, Davy Irvin on bass, Lesley McLaren on drums, Villy Karagouni on keyboard and Martin Stuart Taggart on guitar. The band has been playing some live gigs around Glasgow, a wonderful live session on the Billy Sloan show on Clyde 2 and promises a CD release soon.

Brian has also been playing guitar for James Grant  whenever he does solo gigs. As if all that is not enough, you should check out Brian’s art web site, it is beautiful. When does this guy have time to sleep!

Lola in Slacks copyright Alan Phillip