Steven Lindsey

Steven Lindsay

In this age of Interstellar broadcasting, one might be forgiven for crediting Steven Lindsay with the gift of second sight. As far back as 1983, he rejected naming his band the Vivid Lulips, plumping instead for The Big Dish. Not, it transpires, through some razor-sharp hunch about the shape of things to come. Rather, after his father’s huge bowls of home-made soup.

Throughout The Big Dish’s career, Steve Lindsay was the constant.  The band was driven by his desire for quality and craftsmanship, his creamily plaintive vocals, and his ability to write about everyday scenarios – people’s occupations and relationships – lucidly and poignantly.  His songs convey the belief that, for the little guy, the wee atmospheres of life are the milestone events.

By 1993 Steven Lindsay had extricated himself from various music business intrigues.  He never changed the face of rock and roll as we know it, or even influenced teenage fan club, but ‘Rich Man’s Wardrobe’ stands as testimony to the fact that he can craft a mighty tune and croon it splendidly.

He now has two children, his own studio somewhere in the west of Scotland, and when not watching his beloved Airdrieonians F.C. Plumb new depths in soccer indiscipline, he quietly continues his craft.

You will be hearing from him.  – Ronnie Gurr

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