The Big Dish

The Big Dish formed in Lindsay’s native Airdrie in 1983 and came to the fore in 1986 with their first single ‘Big New Beginning’, a song about the move to, and life in a new town. A string of crafted singles peppered the band’s first albums. From ‘Swimmer’ came ‘Prospect Street’, named after an Edward Hopper painting, it betrayed some of the formative influences Lindsay had discovered during his time at the Glasgow School of Art. ‘Slide, a salubrious shuffle-beat of a single brought acclaim from the critics who by now were comparing the band favourably with the likes of the Blue Nile, prefab sprout, the bible, china crisis and tears for fears. Some of the best and most bizarre pointers to the band’s sounds came via the pages of the teen press.

Rich Man's Wardrobe: A Concise History Of The Big Dish


Photos of the Band and Their Artwork


Deacon Blue

Deacon Blue

Raymond Docherty gets several mentions in the new book about – Deacon Blue.  Raymond was the bass player early on…
Creeping Up On Jesus Photo Shoot

Creeping Up On Jesus Photo...

  Steven Lindsay, Brian McFie, Raymond Docherty and Craig Armstrong from the 1987 album along with touring drummer – Skip…


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